Jul 11, 2018
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20 of the coolest creations to come out of Fortnite Playground mode

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As season 4 of Fortnite draws to a close, we decided to take a look at some of the most impressive creations that have been put together in the limited time “playground” mode. These creative players have all managed to build their architectural wonders within one hour, which is quite a feat.  From racetracks to Pokemon to levels from other games, here’s the 20 best player-made structures from the Fortnite Playground mode.

Redditor u/Sleepy_Bear remade the popular Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer map Nuketown and got in some friendly fire fun.

YouTuber Fynnpire took a try at recreating the infamous ship RMS Titanic. It’s not quite a 1-1 model, but a sea-worthy vessel nonetheless. It’s especially admirable considering it was a solo effort. To the stars, Fynnpire!

On Reddit, user u/ethwal22 made 3 humongous octahedra on top of each other, for some reason. A monument waiting to collapse into the geometrical nightmare of Escher’s Solid, this structure is surely asking for trouble from the cracked sky of Fortnite.

This rather large dining table for Tomato Man and his friends was u/Baslero’s doing, via reddit.

This depiction of an 8-bit hero of time was erected by C3POSmash. It’s a very accurate representation of Link from the original Legend of Zelda, stabbing his sword towards some Hyrule-threatening enemy.

There’s plenty of race courses that have been built for racing Fortnite’s shopping carts, but Mustard Plays went the extra mile and actually recreated Banshee Boardwalk from Mario Kart 64! He and friends StellarWill, ReapCiti, and RebelScumGaming built and raced this haunted kart course with 3 different variations.

Paying homage to Brazil’s most famous landmark, Christ the Redeemer, u/commandersway finds religion with this work. Shout-outs to the original t-poser.

Sonny Evans has one of the few original creations on this list, his gorgeous castle built right on top of Loot Lake.

Here we have another solo build, from Reddit member u/Crepi334. It’s an AT-AT, which originally appeared in The Empire Strikes Back. Fun Fact about the AT-AT: it’s actually pronounced “Ay Tee-Ay Tee,” and anyone who tells you otherwise is a cop.

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