Jul 20, 2018
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Sodapoppin Banned from Twitch for 24 hours – FGR

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And yet again, Sodapoppin strikes the humor by being baited by a viewer to open his newly created image. The image contained inappropriate nudity material, for which Soda realized a bit later. It is sad to see your favorite Twitch streamers being banned from Twitch, but it’s where the new fresh ToS takes place.

The whole situation was… quite bizarre. Sodapoppin did not even realize that it’s a scam, and dully wants to share anything that is created by the community, with the community. Without any further and deeper observation of the image, Sodapoppin placed it on the main screen.

After doing that, he closed the image instantly without even bothering to witness the content by himself. Instead, he was looking at his chat. The whole situation may be found on Livestreamfails. The picture he showed on his stream was a dressed-up penis, as a cowboy.

After reading his chat in which everyone was spamming “BANNED,” he re-opened the image and realized what it is all about. It was that moment when he realized he’s under a ban threat, which actually happened. Luckily, for just 24 hours.

Therefore, we’ll see more of Sodapoppin after his ban time leaks. This happened during his yesterday’s WoW stream.

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