Jul 28, 2018
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Borderlands 3 Will Not Get Delayed To 2020, Here Is Why

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These past months, there has been a lot of concerns regarding the release date of Borderlands 3 and it has been said that the game will not release anytime soon until 2020. This speculation is based on Gearbox losing high profile employees over the years along with an unfilled writer position but after all, it might not be the case.

It’s known that Gearbox has listed a job for a writer to join their writing team which everyone considers to be Borderlands 3. What’s interesting to know is that Gearbox is looking to add another writer to their team as the job also mentioned that this position is for mid-level and also this person will not be writing the entire story.

We think that if Gearbox was really looking for a lead write than obviously, they would have mentioned that it in the description and also it would be an experienced level job not medium.

So Borderlands not having a writer doesn’t mean that there is no lead writer for the game or it could delay the whole game, which tells us that the game is in works and it could really be announced sooner than everyone is expecting it to be.

Do check out the full video above to know more in detail.

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