Jul 30, 2018
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Battlefield 1 Patch For The Summer Will Be Discussed On Twitch Stream Tomorrow

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A Battlefield 1 patch for the summer will be getting discussed on Twitch tomorrow by the DICE devs, showing players what will be coming in the game’s next update. The Battlefield 1 summer update will likely include a number of big changes to the game, especially before Battlefield 5 comes out late this year.

Battlefield 1 is reaching the end of its life cycle, as all of its DLC has been released and Battlefield 5 is going to be coming out this year, moving up the time table to go to World War 2, rather than staying in World War 1. Exactly what we’ll be getting in the Battlefield 1 patch remains to be seen. We haven’t heard any news of other maps that would be coming, or any new weapons either.

Whether there’s new game modes and maps involved in the update, or it’s just the last patch that the game will be receiving, remains to be seen. Putting in various battle maps where Germany is on the back foot against the constantly-advancing Entente powers would be a nice symbolic gesture to show the war ending at the same time that Battlefield 1’s lifetime, which started in 2016, is going to end in 2018.

According to the Twitter post that talks about the Battlefield 1 patch, the patch will at deal with 4K support for the Xbox One, though any number of other things could also be coming along with the update. We also don’t have any real idea of when the summer update will actually be coming out, either.

The stream that will elaborate on the Battlefield 1 patch will be available on Switch tomorrow on July 31 (or August 1 depending on your timezone). You can look at this tweet to see what time the Livestream will be starting depending on your various timezones. In the meantime, you might want to get as much play in Battlefield 1 as you can.

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