Jul 5, 2018
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Death Stranding Has Already Begun, In What Way Though?

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Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima’s next big IP, is still a long away before release. However, its journey has already begun, leaving trails, footprints for fans to follow and find out more about it. Kojima himself has revealed that he won’t give away any straightforward answers about the game but will instead lead players to them in his own unique way.

Hideo Kojima likes to tease and “troll” fans about his next games, something that was happening from his old Metal Gear Solid days. Promoted MGS 2 with another protagonist, teased MGS 5 under a different studio, the list goes on and on.

With Death Stranding, Kojima has no company to be accountable to, letting his imagination run wild with ways to keep us hanging. Lately, he revealed that the process of finding the solution to something is more important than the answer itself. Something like a modern Odyssey leading us straight to his next game. He said:

“We live in a time of social networks. In this time, people only want immediate answers, but not just answers, they also want to know what they should feel. That’s good, that’s bad. This is a game I should like. This is a game I should not like. They want answers to what they should think. It’s like a math problem where it’s not so important to know the solution. The important thing is the process of finding the solution. I do not want to take the funniest part away from the players. “

Fans can already find clues about Death Stranding through Kojima Productions’ and Kojima’s social networks. The man himself posts frequently, sending fans to a frenetic chase of which posts are hints. It’s no secret that there’s even a hint that there’s a whole ARG happening behind Death Stranding, targeting audience through Twitter.

What should we be looking for to find more clues about the upcoming game? See the trailers again, find out all the little details that make it one of the most anticipated titles to get released in the years to come. Follow Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions on Twitter and Instagram, that’s where most of the fun is happening and don’t worry about hints originating from third accounts. Kojima-san is probably going to retweet those as well.

If you find anything or you’re just generally interested in finding out what other players have found out – or theorize about – head to the Death Stranding subreddit and research till your heart’s content. We’ll be keeping you up to date if something notable is happening regarding the title in the months to come.

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