Jul 27, 2018
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FIFA 19 Includes ‘Team Pressing’ Technique To Counter Players Who Waste Time

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FIFA 19 is just a couple of months away and every football lover is waiting desperately to get their hands on the latest and most improved FIFA game. FIFA 19 includes many new features and techniques to make this the most fun and realistic game ever. The latest addition to the game is a dream come true and might also be a sad news for those who like to waste time after taking the lead.

Time wasting technique has been present in FIFA games from such a long time. Once a player scores, they intentionally keep passing and keep the ball in their own possession to avoid taking any more goals but finally, it is going to change.

This time-wasting technique is very frustrating for the players who are behind in lead and looking to score a goal. Recently, the associate producer of FIFA, Sam Rivera explained during a presentation that new technique is being introduced in FIFA 19.

Sam Rivera said:

“We know that some people, when they win, start defensive passes. This year, we are going to give you more tools to encounter this, especially the ‘Team Pressing’. You can set it up from the game tactics, which are all new this year and tell you when you want to activate the pressing. If you lose possession, everyone should press ahead. If you think someone is in a bad situation by controlling the ball in defense, it may be a good opportunity to try to steal the ball from him”

Team pressing technique also comes with disadvantages like if you activate it and still your opponent gets away with the ball then for him, it will be easier to make through your defense and score a goal because all of your midfielders will be behind.

The team said they acknowledged that it’s a problem and this is how it’s gonna work finally this year in FIFA 19.

Are you tired of time wasters in FIFA? Let us know in the comments below.

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