Jul 17, 2018
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Final Free Hollow Knight DLC, Gods and Glory, Slated for August Release

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Hollow Knight, one of video games’ best value propositions in recent memory, is due for another sizable update in a little more than a month.

Australian developer Team Cherry announced Monday that Hollow Knight: Gods and Glory will be released for free on both PC and Switch on Aug. 23. The developer is billing Gods and Glory as the largest content update yet, with new bosses, NPCs, secrets and what appears to be Team Cherry’s take on the time-honored boss rush mode.  The brief 22-second trailer posted on Team Cherry’s YouTube page suggests that the slate of new bosses include new faces as well as familiar ones, including the decidedly less serene Paintmaster Sheo.  Discovering what inspired the latter to exchange his brush for a nail (weapons of choice for the bugs of Hallownest) should prove just as alluring as the boss encounter itself.

The most important new NPC that Gods and Glory adds, the Godseeker, tasks the knight with hunting down a number of new bosses throughout Hallownest. In addition to the new quest line, the knight will gain the ability to glorify any of the 45 existing charms (items that bestow new skills or augment the knight’s abilities) to add an even more diverse number of play styles, though it’s not entirely clear what glorification means.

It is also being called the final chapter in the knight’s journey, though the wording of the Gods and Glory description suggests that this does not necessarily spell the end for adventures throughout Hallownest and adjacent underground kingdoms.

Coupled with the two previous content updates, Hidden Dreams and The Grimm Troupe, Hollow Knight makes a strong case for the best bang for a gamer’s buck this side of The Orange Box. The original game, already a 30+ hour affair, is now a much richer world to explore thanks to the litany of characters, bosses and secrets strewn throughout Hallownest.

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