Aug 2, 2018
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Def Jam Recordings Is Teasing A New Def Jam Fighting Game, Time Has Finally Come?

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It’s been more than 10 years since we saw the last Def Jam Fighting game which is still considered one of the best fighting games ever and there’s no doubt about that. The company went absolute dead after the release of not so successful Def Jam: Icon and since then people have been dying to hear about a new game and we think the time has finally come.

Official Twitter page of Def Jam Recordings has started teasing a new game which can be another successful fighting game of the current generation. These teasers started back in June when Def Jam Recordings posted an image asking fans who they want to see on the cover.

The latest tease came today when they asked about the cities where it could take place which includes Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami. This doesn’t confirm that a game is in works but at least they are asking fans to know how much still they are interested in a Def Jam Fight game and replies to the Tweet has already confirmed that fans are desperately in wait for a new game.

Tweets show that Def Jam is looking forward a for a sequel of Def Jam: NY. Well, even if it’s not a sequel it won’t matter as a lot has changed by now. The most interesting part of the game will be the huge roster it can end up having. We can expect to see some old and new big rappers like Tupac, Notorious BIG, and EMINEM. We can also see Justin Biber fighting against them, possibilities are endless.

If the game ends up being made, we still have to know whether Electronic Arts will be a part of it or not. New locations, improved graphics, and interacting environment can make it another success for Def Jam Recordings and we can’t wait for it to be officially revealed.

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