Aug 24, 2018
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A Spider Man Funko Pop Figure Might Have Just Spoiled The Insomniac Game

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A Spider Man Funko Pop figure that was released in order to promote the upcoming Playstation 4 game might have just spoiled a big plot point in the episode. The Funko Pop figure is of a black Spider Man suit, which means that we might be seeing the Negative Zone in the game.

The Negative Zone has never made more than a few brief appearances in any Marvel video games before, but it might be actually making up a big portino of the plot this time around. Considering that various things like Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum and Stark Tower are already visible in the game’s open world, it’s likely that the game will have a large number of crossovers between other comic book storylines.

We haven’t heard much of anything about the game’s plot before now, and likely won’t for a good while, at least until the game releases, but we have seen at least some hints of the Negative Zone especially with the presence of Spider-Man villain Mr. Negative. If the Spider Man Funko Pop figure does contain a spoiler for the Insomniac video game, we’ll just have to see if it comes to fruition.

The Spider-Man game seems to be at least something of a crossover as Spider-Man has to take on multiple villains such as Kingpin, the Vulture, Mr. Negative, Rhino, Electro, Scorpion, and more. The story might take on a number of twists and turns as well, especially since the game is taking place several years after Peter first became Spider-Man, and thus likely won’t have a comic equivalent.

The new Spider-Man game is going to be coming out exclusively on the Playstation 4 on September 7, so if you’re wondering what the story might be, the Spider Man Funko Pop figure might have just revealed a little bit of what happens in the game.

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