Aug 13, 2018
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Battle For Azeroth Launches Simultaneously Across The World Today – FGR

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If you did not know, Battle For Azeroth is launching today. For the first time in WoW’s history, the expansion will release across the globe at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the US or EU, Australia or New Zealand, the launch of the expansion will be at the same time. Therefore, time zones matter, and we’re here to help you determine your region launch and exact time.

This will contribute to a better gameplay experience, as players from EU do not need to wait for another day after the patch deploys in the US, and so means the same for others. You can find the exact launch times below:

  • Americas: 3 PM, August 13
  • UTC: 10 PM, August 13
  • Europe: 10 PM, August 13
  • Taiwan: 6 AM, August 14
  • Korea: 7 AM, August 14

Battle For Azeroth is also expected to add a variety of new features to the game, such as the implementation of DirectX 12, Voice Chat, War Mode and more. World of Warcraft is still in the business, and as such, is the only MMO that keeps giving us chills like never before every time we go back to it.

Players should be only worried about the login queues, as they’re expected to be quite heavy when the official release occurs. Whether is that Kul Tiras or Zaalandar, World of Warcraft BFA is full of massive lore events. So as the pre-expansion scenario, so as the expansion itself, we’re expecting to see what BFA is about to bring.


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