Aug 24, 2018
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FIFA 19: Losing Cristiano Ronaldo Had to Effect on Madrid’s Rating

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EA Sports latest football installment FIFA 19 is right around the corner which is itself enough reason to add to the overall hype, however, this recent leak of FIFA 19 seems to have stirred an even more excitement. Especially for Real Madrid fans as well as Cristiano Ronaldo fans.

We all know that Real Madrid itself was a complete team but while most of the audience had a few reservations after the spontaneous move, by Cristiano Ronaldo into Juventus.

The concern of the fans was that what will happen, to the overall rating of Real Madrid. So for those who are interested, they would be happy to know that not much has changed, in terms of rating for Real Madrid in the upcoming FIFA 19.

Now while there has been no change in the rating of Cristiano Ronaldo upon his move to Juventus, there also has been no overall change in the rating of Real Madrid.

Based on this leak, we have Isco with an 89 as a left winger, while Asensisio with 85 as a right winger and Bale with 88 in the center forward position.

Kroos as a left midfielder with a heavy 90 while Modric with a 91 as a right midfielder and Casemiro with 88 as a center midfielder.

Now the defense has a pretty much same rating, in which we have Marcelo, Ramos, Varane, Carvajal with 88,91, 86 and 84 ratings. Having said that, Raphael Varene with an 86 is something that most of the fans are not too happy about.

With all that said, the anticipation for FIFA 19 is almost at an all-time high and this is probably because of this recent rating leak. However, such leaks do tend to add more be they be on purpose or a natural leak. So overall it is a win-win situation for the game and for the fans for now.

What is is your take on this recent rating leak? What is your take on the rating of Cristiano Ronaldo in Juventus? Let us know in the comments below.

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