Aug 18, 2018
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New Game Plus Mode For Overcooked 2 In The Works

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Overcooked 2 released last week and fans have been more than happy to enjoy this chaotic co-op cooker game. Now, most of the fans must have the idea that since the devs have delivered the game, they must now be aiming to sit back and rest. However, that is not the case, Ghost Town Games has announced a new game plus mode for Overcooked 2, to be in the works.

After the devs finished working on Overcooked 2, they have instantly started working on this new model. So as soon as chefs finish playing through the game once, they will be able to try out this new mode.

According to the devs, this is just, tip of the iceberg, there are a lot more updates and contents rolling in the future so fans can be very optimistic about this game.

Having said that for those who are new to this game, then you are in luck because we have, a complete beginners guide, which not only covers the basic concepts and mechanics of the game but also, gives a crash course from chopping vegetables, mixing sauces to stirring the whole mixture.

Now for those PC users, who are already playing this game and having issues and error like black screen error, low FPS issue and the most irritating error, being stuck at the loading screen, then you are in luck once again. As we have been able to, gather some possible fixes to these mentioned problems. So if you have been experiencing them, then do give them a try.

Having said that Overcooked 2 has been developed by Team17 Digital Limited and Ghost Town Games and is a sequel to Overcooked game, which released back in 2016. This newly released game is available across Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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