Sep 28, 2018
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Ninja Theory And Capcom Should Team Up To Make DmC 2 Say Itsuno

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Ninja Theory made DmC and while it was not the same art style as people would have liked but there is no denying that the game is pretty impressive. Itsuno praised the game and the team and mentioned that he would often visit the team after every 2 months or so in order to work together. Itsuno thinks that DmC 2 should also be made.

Itsuno also praised the work that Ninja Theory has done and the praised the game itself. The following is what he had to say in this regard:

We came out with DmC: Devil May Cry. It’s an awesome game. We love that game. For us, it’s just as important as all the other games in the series. A few of the other core team members and I worked closely with Ninja Theory – it was this collaborative effort. I’d go out there every two months. There was this core team that worked really closely with Ninja Theory on that one, and then there were other people working on other stuff like Dragon’s Dogma and what have you.

Itsuno not only praised the team and the game but according to him Ninja Theory should work on DmC 2 but they should collaborate with Capcom in order to make it happen. That is very high praise coming from someone that is well known in the industry for working on the previous as well as the upcoming Devil May Cry. The following is what he had to say in this regard:

One thing, if you think about it… it probably wouldn’t make sense to have these guys make a DmC 2. That’s something that Ninja Theory should collaborate with Capcom on, y’know? It would be different – it would lose something if we tried to do that only in Osaka. So it really made sense that we’d go to a sequel to DMC4. It’s something that the people in Osaka have more of a frame of reference for.

We have also learned about the character upgrade system in the upcoming Devil May Cry 5 and how the auto assist works. For more information regarding the matter stay tuned.

Let us know what you think about DmC 2 and whether or not you would be interested in playing the game if it ever comes out.

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