Sep 10, 2018
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Conan O’Brien And Hideo Kojima Working On A Super Secret Project

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Well, this apparently is something which pretty much no one saw coming. It seems to be that the famous host Conan O’Brien and the video game industry Godfather, Hideo Kojima is working on a Super Secret Project.

Most of the fans were not aware of it, in fact, a great many people in the gaming industry did not know until they saw these influential people, roaming around the headquarters of Kojima Productions. Even then a lot was unclear, however, when Conan O’Brien and Hideo Kojima teased the fans that is where things took a whole new level.

The news comes from a recent tease which comes from a Twitter post, where Conan O’Brien posted a photo of him and Hideo Kojima, taken in the Homo Ludens, right next to the iconic statue.

Alongside he added the caption, which reads, “Shot something super secret with #HideoKojima. Coming soon. #ConanJapan”

Now as can guess, nothing else has been revealed and so there is very little to even speculate about, what that secret project could actually be.

As the speculations suggest, it might be the funny gaming series which has been inactive for some months now, Clueless Gamer might be the one. Since Conan O’Brien was the host of that gaming series, it seems to reason. Still, it is pretty much a long shot.

However, for fans even if this project is unknown and secret, the idea of getting something secretive that has a touch of Kojima is an assurance and a moment of joy itself because we know that it will not be a disappointment.

For those who have had the thought that Conan O’Brien might have something to do with Death Stranding, to be honest, let it just be it a thought and nothing more, it is highly unlikely.

Now, this is not the first time we had had Kojima being involved with different people. If you guys would remember, back in the month of July we had the famous comedian, “Kumail Nanjiani” alleged to be playing a cameo part in Death Stranding.

There were a few shreds of evidence but since nothing major, so the news pretty much died. Anyways with O’Brien and Kojima teasing a secret project, one thing is pretty clear that anything that comes from Kojima is always amazing.

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