Sep 18, 2018
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Destiny 2 Forsaken Last Wish Raid Has Been Beaten, Results Affect Every Player

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Bungie just unveiled the leading conquerors of the all-new Last Wish raid for Destiny 2 Forsaken expansion. The winning team managed to complete the raid in under 19 hours. However, the raid has some major revelations which totally transform the game while affecting every user.

Ever since players were able to access the Last Wish raid and loot, the run for making it first to the end started among the gaming community of Destiny 2 Forsaken. Bungie has now officially announced the first team to clear the raid on Twitter to be “Team Redeem”. The team of Modern, Sweatcicle, Ehroar, Indica, FleshCrunch, and Gladd are the first team in the world to finish this raid.

In case you do not wish to spoil your gaming experience (if you haven’t played the raid yet) it is strongly recommended that you proceed accordingly.

Firstly, a new strike has reportedly been revealed upon us which was unlocked after Clan Redeem completed Last Wish. Along with that, two fresh and rare emblems have also been unveiled. These are only awarded to the Destiny 2 Forsaken players who clear Last Wish inside 24 hours of the availability of the raid.

In addition to these rare emblems, a cutscene is added when the players loading into the Dreaming City of Destiny 2 Forsaken. Furthermore, The Corrupted Strike has also been made a part of the map. Even if that much is not enough for you, there are several other enhancements too.

Petra Venj has been given dialogue additions in Last Wish which can be seen on video as well. Along with that, Destiny 2 Forsaken has given plenty of content in Last Wish whether it is in the form of Bounty, Quest or Pursuit Mission. The Quest is called Broken Courier in which Petra Venj will ask you to lend a hand to respond a call for evac that she received.

Team Redeem even managed to get their hands on a glamorous fusion rifle called One Thousand Voices. Each player would be treated with this reward differently than them while moving through in the raid. Early Finishers would also get a Gambit map.

All the changes listed for the rewards of Last Wish raid are going to change a lot of things for the players of Destiny 2 Forsaken. After Clan Redeem claimed the tag for world’s first team to finish the raid, they have opened up new possibilities for other players as well. Users will now look up to these rewards while trying to clear the raid.

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