Sep 18, 2018
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Halo Fan Builds a Real Life, and Street Legal, Warthog

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Some people may claim they are the biggest Halo fans in the world, but how many of them have their own hand built Warthog to prove it? Bryant Havercamp spent five and a half years of manual labor to craft this beautiful beast. The YouTube channel Barcroft Cars did a segment on Bryant and his dedication to the Halo franchise. He states that he has been a fan of Halo ever since the original was released in 2001, and that he wanted this car to be a close to the real deal as possible.

The Warthog was originally a stripped down 1984 Chevrolet K-10 which Bryant purchased and decided to re-purpose for his ultimate homage to the franchise he loves so much. After thousands of dollars and hours spent, Bryant finally had the creation of his dreams. A Halo Warthog that can top out at a speed of 85 miles per hour. The body of the car is completely hand-made by Bryant himself using structural angle iron to obtain the shape he wanted that best reflected a Warthog. The giant tusks on the front of this beast were also constructed by Bryant. Two weeks of welding, grinding, and shaping went into them, and he is very pleased with how they turned out. Some pieces of this truck had to be 3D printed to perfectly replicate the smaller details on the Warthog, including the rear-view camera cover and headlight covers.

Bryant’s parents were skeptical when he first told them his plans to remodel this old Chevy, but look at him now. Not only is this Warthog driveable, it has all the safety features and requirements needed to be totally street legal.

You can check out Bryant’s entire setup on the segment Ridiculous Rides right below!

Source: Twinfinite

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