Sep 4, 2018
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Sony Finally Pulled The Plug On PS2 In Japan, Ending Services For Good

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Well PS2 has had a legendary life, in fact, a little too good. The fact that it is still alive in the world is an intriguing news of its own. However, apparently just like all good things must come to an end, so shall PS2. Sony has now made it official, that it is pulling the final plug on PS2 in Japan which includes it services.

We already know that this console has been out of production since 2012 but apparently, in Japan, Sony continued to provide services related to PS2. Which has amazingly kept it alive a lot more days, than anyone expected it to be, however, now services for PS2 In Japan too have come to an end.

The announcement was made by Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia (SIE) on June 22, 2018, that the final services of this console, will completely end on August 31st, 2018. Unfortunately, that date has now passed and it seems to be that we have already, said our final goodbyes to this amazing console.

Interestingly, users of PS2 In Japan were asked to fill out an online form, if they wish to have their PS2 consoles fixed, one last time. However, the last date to apply for that is long gone.

That is to say the final goodbye to the best selling game console out there. Moving on, the hype for the next one seems to be taking a leap forward.

We all are aware of the next-gen console by Sony is in the works as well as the next Xbox. However, little is known about them but most of the rumors, speculations, and leaks seem to suggest that we won’t be seeing any of these next-gen consoles, no earlier than 2020.

Now since Sony has ended the PS2 service in Japan, we can’t seem to let this news go unmentioned. Apparently, very recently we came to know that some of the major Japanese Developers are working very closely with Microsoft to develop, the next Xbox console. While we know very little about the next-gen PlayStation, Sony has been generous enough to give a few interesting things as well, for fans to latch themselves on to.

President of Sony Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, recently shared that with every next console, the company has been learning from past experiences and with PS5 it won’t be any different. He said that the company will be utilizing its experiences with PS4 in order to improve the PS5 experience.

How amazing the next-gen console may be but PS2 was sheer love and based on the sales stats of other PlayStations, it seems like it will remain at the top for a little more time.

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