Sep 29, 2018
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The Last Of Us 2 to Release in 2019, Official PlayStation Music Channel Reveals

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Despite showcasing a detailed gameplay trailer at E3 2018, Naughty Dog has been silent about the release date of The Last Of Us 2 since the announcement. But according to PlayStation Music Channel, it’s going to release sometime in 2019.

Though many assumed this after the success of Spiderman PS4 and it turns out to be true. This information was spotted by a user on Reddit. Official PlayStation Music Channel has been uploading a series of new videos about The Last Of Us 2 as a part of Naughty Dog’s Outbreak Day by tagging 2019 as the release date of the game.

In case you think it’s fake, it’s not. This PlayStation Music Channel is linked to Spotify and PlayStation Music which also happens to get its own official press releases. Other than that, PlayStation Music always does mention the release of the game whenever they upload a video so let’s just keep our hopes high.

Talking about Naughty Dog’s Outbreak Day, we hope that you got your hands on that super attractive dynamic theme of The Last Of Us 2 for free. The Last Of US 2 dynamic theme was absolutely free for 24 hours along with many avatars related to the in-game characters and The Last Of Us 2 (Cycles) theme song. This was all part of Naughty Dog’s celebration of the Outbreak Day.

The Last Of Us 2 has been in development for a very long time and its production started soon after the first game. As for Ellie, who’s the main character of the game, she will be accompanied by an NPC companion through her journey and we might play as him or her too just like the first installment.

As for the fans of Joel, no information has been given about him but we believe that he’s going to be a part of The Last Of Us 2. As for the graphics, don’t expect downgrades at all as Emilia Schatz has assured all the fans that what we saw in the last gameplay trailer was actual gameplay and there will be no changes made to it.

The Last Of Us 2 is looking great and we can’t wait to play it when it finally releases hopefully sometime in 2019.

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