Sep 13, 2018
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Why Telltale Has Kept Low Profile On The Walking Dead Season 4?

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The November of Edge Magazine seems to have taken the spotlight for now. With quite a lot of interesting stuff, it has also covered the answer to why Telltale has kept a low profile on The Walking Dead Season 4

The Walking Dead is one those games that had a consistent amount of following and it has kept fans happy with as much content as possible. However, with the season 4 a few concerns did arise.

Considering the fact that The Walking Dead Season 4 is the final season, it is pretty odd yet not too surprising that Telltale has kept a little low profile on it.

From what we know is that the studio has definitely gone through some dramatic restructure. Laying off about 25 % of the staff was something that really shook the studio but apparently, it was a requirement.

Talking to Edge, The Walking Dead’s executive producer Brodie Andersen said that past few years have been a period of major change for the studio.

It has been a period of tremendous change for Telltale over the past couple of years. Andersen said.

Then shedding light on why they have kept low on The Walking Dead Season 4, he said that the CEO Pete Hawley’s motto has been the reason for it. The motto to do less but better has been the prime focus of the studio, and will now remain to be.

Rolling out more and more games or content is not the focus of the studio but rolling out amazing and brilliant work is.

As you know, we got quite a bit bigger, and I’m really proud of the stories we were able to tell, the content we’ve put out. But yeah, Pete Hawley, his motto has been to do less, better. That’s something that we really took to heart going into Season Four.

Now while this what the executives had to say, based on what the Edge has discovered, the former staff of the studio has labeled Telltale as “a place where original thinking was discouraged”.

Andersen said that doing fewer releases is the part of introducing better quality and that is something which the studio has now come to terms with.

This is what he as to say while a former staff member has a different take on it all. In conclusion to it all, Andersen said that without any doubt, The Walking Dead and the character of Clementine will remain a benchmark for the studio, a “crucial yardstick” as he refers for other projects to measure from.

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