Oct 10, 2018
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Generation 4 Pokemon “Arriving Soon” In Pokemon Go

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The demanded Generation 4 Pokemon are finally set to appear in the Pokemon Go video game. A teaser was shared online which points to the arrival Generation 4. The fans had been asking for this generation for some time and developers have heard them at last.

The enthusiasts of the game series were rooting for the Generation 4 Pokemon for long. Now the official Pokemon Go Twitter account went ahead and announced it with a teaser:

“Confirmed: Pokémon originally discovered in the Sinnoh region will be arriving soon in #PokemonGO! We trust you know what to do with this information, Trainers – get ready to start exploring! http://bit.ly/2NsMyBn “

Furthermore, the official website states what the teaser actually represents:

“Your Pokémon GO adventures are about to get even bigger when Pokémon that was originally discovered in the Sinnoh region arrive in the game. Stock up on Poké Balls, Berries, and Lure Modules, and tighten up the laces on your favorite walking shoes, because a whole lot more Pokémon are out there waiting to be discovered!”

Besides the announcement, there are also going to be some tweaks in the game. For starters the behavior and migration of the Pokemon got changed on how they would appear:

“-Moving forward, the weather feature will have a reduced effect on the rate at which Pokémon appear.
-As you explore a given area, you will notice that a greater variety of Pokémon species will appear over time and at different rates.
-Certain areas, such as parks and nature reserves, will now contain more varied Pokémon species.”

In the same way, the in-game battle mechanics have also seen several changes:

“-CP values will be adjusted going forward to improve game balance.
-HP values will be adjusted to close the gap between Pokémon with high and low HP.
-Pokémon Defense and Stamina values will be rebalanced, allowing Pokémon with high defensive stats to be valuable by outlasting opponents in battle rather than these Pokémon merely taking too long to defeat.
-Defense values have also been slightly reduced for most Pokémon. Changes like these will help narrow the gap between Pokémon with the highest defensive stats and other Pokémon.”

These details have got revealed by the Pokemon GO authorities as of now. Apart from the Generation 4 Pokemon arriving in the game, we have some interesting leaks as well. They could reportedly be what the 8 gen would look like.

Source: Nintendo Life

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