Oct 23, 2018
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Fallout 76 Beta Dates Confirmed With Additional Details

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Bestheda’s upcoming title, Fallout 76 is the latest addition to their famous Fallout franchise. What’s different about this upcoming title, however, is the shift into the multiplayer genre of gaming. The game is set to release in November but the company announced the open beta date for Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 beta starts on October 30th.

The purpose of the beta testing for Fallout 76 is to receive player feedback on how the game functions, as well as to expose any bugs or glitches. Bethesda games are popular for how humorous some of their glitches can be (looking at you NASA program giants of Skyrim).

And the company has warned beforehand that as it is, Fallout 76 is full of an array of glitches which need to be sought out and fixed. Hence the beta testing that will take place at the end of this month. Xbox players will be receiving it earlier on October 22nd

The beta servers will be in targeted timeframes, meaning players will have to be vigilant on updating themselves using either the website or social media. The beta game will also feature the full extent of the official release which will be in November, And the developers have confirmed that whatever progression is made by players in the beta WILL carry on to the main game. Knowing how differences in player levels work, this could mean a headstart advantage for beta testers come the time of the official release.

So how does one access the beta? The only way to do so is to pre-order Fallout 76 before release. This means Xbox Live/PSN subscriptions for console players. While PC players must do so from Bethesda’s own personal website and use their launcher to start the game. For PC players the download will be 45 GB, but since the complete game will be in the beta, they can use the client to launch the official game with the same data, plus any update patches.

Time’s short on the chance to playing the beta seeing as its this month. The maintained progression will, on one hand, be advantageous to beta testers as well as make them feel accomplished for playing their part. However, it can also be seen as a slight pay to win by players that couldn’t afford to pre-order

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