Oct 17, 2018
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Darksiders III Will Require Around 15+ Hours to Beat

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Darksiders III is one of next month’s notable releases and players will need to put aside 15+ hours to complete it. The information was revealed by Reinhard Pollice, Business & Product Development Director at THQ Nordic, in an interview with Wccftech. “Playtime is always a tricky question as it depends on numerous factors. On average, we would say somewhere around 15-hours-plus, which is similar to the first Darksiders.”, he said. Pollice also confirmed that Darksiders III will support High Dynamic Range displays.

Darksiders III introduces Fury, third of four horsemen, as playable character.  A mage tasked with roaming Earth in order to find and defeat the Seven Deadly Sins, she wields Scorn, a hilt that can morph into multiple weapons. Fury’s favorite is by far the bladed whip, but when push comes to shove she can also employ the use of a greatsword or two-handed hammer. These weapons are also tied to the different forms she can unleash, which also grant her new moves and traversal abilities.

Last week, developer Gunfire Games also detailed what players can expect in terms of post-launch DLC. Darksiders III will receive two separate packs. In The Crucible, “Fury will fight wave after wave of enemies, competing for a chance to unlock new rewards and items.”. Keepers of the Void will send her into Serpent Holes where an ancient threat that must be removed resides. The second DLC will also introduce new puzzles and enemies alongside rewarding a new weapon and The Abyssal Armor upon completion. Darksiders III is set to release on Nov. 27 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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