Oct 23, 2018
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Everything we know about The Division 2 – FGR

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The very first appearance of The Division wasn’t that successful, we all have to admit that. However, at the very beginning, the game and the fans built the necessary hype. That’s all you need to start counting the sales. After its successful launch, the game has sinned into the unfortunate shadows of degradation. Hopefully, The Division 2 is here to change that, and this is everything we know about it so far. Or maybe not, or yes, or whatever… let’s just hit it down and if we miss anything, you’re here to enlighten us.

New Location

Let’s start figuring some of the foreknown differences. First of all, the game is set up in a different city. This will bring a whole new unexperienced environment to all of the players, despite the remains of the story which is a continuation to The Division. Yes, the city is Washington D.C. the Capital of the United States. If you haven’t noticed, it will be an area consisting of slightly lower buildings than in the previous game, which may naturally prevent any further glitches similar to what The Division had. Also, shall improve the Sniping experience for sure.

After its successful E3 2018 press conference and presentation, The Division 2’s fans have quite high expectations. However, most of them are bothering about the end-game. If you have been following us in the past period, we have mentioned that a new high-end content is coming to the game, which will allow a team of 8 members to encounter the hardest playable content in The Division 2.


Knowing that The Division never had any problems with gear sets except at the beginning when they were quite limited to three, it will compile a good group pushing it to cooperate between the players who are attending the Raids. This has always been Ubisoft and Massive’s dream and is on the verge of coming true. In fact, the developer has noticed that their new aim is to achieve new goals by setting turning the focus on the end-game, rather than the whole continuation of the story.

It’s important to see this kind of mentality as we’re approaching the first Beta view of the game. For now, no one knows if there’ll be any small raid that will be available in the Beta phase, but it would be quite a remarkable move to encounter such feature. While we’re at it, make sure to register and opt for a chance of getting a Division 2 Beta Access.

New Factions

The White House is under siege of various of enemies and factions, and this time we do not know if they are teaming up or they maybe have beef between each other. New factions, as noticed in the recent gameplay trailers are spreading the fear among the citizens and you, as an Agent, are here to prevent things to escalate even further.

As much as it sounds similar to The Division, these new factions are more advanced than the previous. This covers their unique abilities and actions they’ll take in the open world, as well as in the missions around the city.

The central area that remains unexposed is whether or not they’ll be spongy. Well, if you’re a genuine lover of MMORPGs, no matter its perspective you should accept every possible outcome. Not only how it will be played out regarding its enemies, but everything. If the developer does not push us to put an effort in extinguishing the evil forces out of the city that no one would have any purpose of playing the game. It’s simple as that. We will salute Ubisoft and Massive if they manage to equal the sponginess according to their difficulty.

Again, there’s no reason for any players in the community to argue about this setup, as it will surely agree its gameplay difficulty and give the players a feeling of being wealthy rewarded at the end of the encounter.


As you could’ve seen in the gameplay walkthrough during this year’s E3, there are going to be new weapons and powerful gadgets. One of our favorites, the grenade launcher which is going to look quite devastating when approaching enemies.


One of the best and most exciting parts are the specs that will be available once a player reaches the highest level. There will be three specs available to choose from, and each of them will grant a signature weapon according to the chosen spec. Those are Demolition Sharpshooter and Survivalist. You could read more about them below:

  • The Sharpshooter – unlocks a powerful .50 caliber sniper rifle and a set of tool mods and skills tree allowing to change the tide of a firefight even from afar.
  • The Demolitionist – unlocks a destructive grenade launcher along tools and skills focusing on disrupting enemy plans and entrenched positions.
  • The Survivalist – unlocks a precision custom crossbow firing exploding bolts and tools and skills that leave little chance for enemies to recover after being hit.

These three weapons will allow you to grant exceptional powers. We assume that their ability will be spiced with a grinding factor, pushing players to play the game to become stronger. Something that World of Warcraft has had during its Legion Expansion.

Not only that will encourage the players to go farther in the game but will also keep them established. Do not worry, you will be able to swap between those specs, and hell yes, the new progression system finally sounds as it should for a game of this caliber.


This is probably the most important thing to all the players across the world or a way to save the game out of collapse. If something terrible occurs, they will have an alibi to bailout claiming that at least their content is free.

Yes, three expansions will come out for free without any need of DLC or Season Pass. No person could oppose this statement at all. It’s a pure gift by the developers.

Release Date

Last but not least, let us just remind you that The Division 2 is coming out on March 15, 2019, seven days later than its predecessor released on March 8, 2016.


Back to our most favorite part. The discussion that we’re most scared of, especially those who have acclaimed to dive deep into The Division in its early days. Anti-cheat system, engine improvements and, most importantly, the prevention of glitches, exploits, and bugs similar to those in The Division. Hopefully, none of them will be encountered. We do not wish another mayhem caused by mad children flying in The Division 2 and bombing people out from the sky. No.

What we can confirm is that Massive’s job listings have been updating their job listings all the time since the first rumors of The Division 2 appeared online, offering places for engine developers, in which we’re quite confident that experienced developers have taken place in, fulfilling all the wholes found in its predecessor. Therefore, we expect The Division 2 to be as pure as a baby tear.

We are already aboard on the hype train. Are you too? Let us know! If we have missed anything, do not forget to add it in the comments section below.

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