Oct 17, 2018
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Get All Your Questions About Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Release Date And Much More Answered Here

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Its been some time since Horizon Zero Dawn came out last year and fans have started getting edgy about a sequel. The PS4 exclusive game was an RPG experience of its own kind. But now its time for Guerilla Games to come up with an even better title as Horizon Zero Dawn 2. The Horizon Zero Dawn 2 release date is only the tip of the iceberg.

Be it the Horizon Zero Dawn release date or the gameplay we’re going to discuss it all here. One might argue that the sequel of the original game didn’t even an announcement yet. But the hints have given us enough pieces to join them together.

Let us take the very first question under consideration that pops up in everyone’s minds. Yes, we’re talking about the expected release date for the game. When do the publishers wish to launch the game?

Well, if we look at the most recent events, Guerilla Games shifted to a temporary location only last month. The reason behind that being the reworking for its permanent office space is in order. The rework we are talking about makes up for a 5-floor building with a space of 7,300 square meters.

This could only mean one thing for the Horizon Zero Dawn 2 release. Once Guerilla Games get back to this studio space the possibilities would be vast. So, it would be safe to say that the stakes for Horizon Zero Dawn 2 are going to be as high as it gets.

From sidequests to backstories, the gameplay could have tonnes of content. The open world of Horizon Zero Dawn could get more enriched through AI features as well. Developers can introduce an intelligent environment shared among the wild and the machines.

Moreover, the Horus robot opens another door for the sequel of the game. Horus appeared at the end of Horizon Zero Dawn too. The massive builds of such machines could enable a more diverse open world for Horizon Zero Dawn 2. So, the new studio of Guerilla Games could be an adventure into endless possibilities. But we can only wait for now.

The original title came out with Sony being the publishers for the PS4 exclusive game. No one in their right minds would think that Sony would let a title such importance slip into the hands of rivals.
So, if you’re thinking that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 would get on Microsoft platforms, it ain’t happening. You might as well drop that thought right here and now.

Besides, whatever next-gen console Xbox is going to come out with, that won’t change it too. Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will be a PlayStation exclusive game. Period. The most reliable evidence for that is the Horizon Zero Dawn sales on PS4, which crossed 7.6 million before a year. So, if ready yourself to enjoy its sequel on PS4, PS5 or anything that doesn’t involve Microsoft.

The attempts at getting a hint of a Horizon Zero Dawn trailer has been quite a slippery slope till now. Not even the smart ass hackers were able to get their hands on a leak or something. A glimpse into the game through some leaked footage or screenshots has also been a no-go.

This does not mean that the Guerilla Games is sitting on a dead video game series here. A Producer at Guerilla addressed that they “obviously didn’t invest seven years into creating this big, rich world and all of the technology for nothing.” Still, she established that as of now she can’t tell what the future holds.

As soon as we remain calm and patient about it the Horizon Zero Dawn 2 trailer could be out any time. And it sure would be a chilling moment for the fans whether it is out today or months after.

The Horizon Zero Dawn 2 features aren’t a sure thing right now. For the most part, the reason behind that is that the game is in early development stages at best. So, to get any Horizon Zero Dawn 2 news one would have to rely of speculation for some time. The Horizon Zero Dawn 2 release date is still a long way from home from the looks of it.

Although the Horizon Zero Dawn 2 story gave us much to know about Aloy. The ending of the original game still opens up various ways for the plot of the game to turn to. The Co-Founder of Guerilla games also told about the possibilities in the life of Aloy:

“She’s really uncovered some of the main mysteries in the world, but how do you feel when you finish the story? Are there questions that come up that you want to relive and answer for Aloy? It was not difficult for us to build the Frozen Wilds and tell that story through Aloy. The environments and the world that we’ve put together easily raise more questions.”

If that is not what a hint looks like I don’t even want to know what does. And if you’re having any doubts let me assure you that the story was not concise enough to fit in a DLC. The Horizon Zero Dawn game demands a sequel to uncover the hidden stories.

The one certain thing about the Horizon Zero Dawn 2 gameplay is going to be the advanced AI features in the game. Hermen Hulst, Co-Founder at Guerilla Games discussed them by saying:

“What you’re picking up on is the personification of AI systems, of giving them a face and a character and a behaviour. These are huge themes in our world too: the autonomy of warfare, the potential threat of AI going wrong. I think it’s really nice to show and not tell in games, and have the player react to them – and fight them – that makes it much more interesting to me.”

From the looks of it, Guerilla Games intends to make one hell of an intelligent game system for Horizon Zero Dawn 2. Moreover, the creatures of the game would increase in the same manner. The Art Director of the original game showed his interest in exploring more of them:

“They are a lot of fun to design, build, animate, and play with. I wish we could have done a hundred. But the reality is a harsh mistress; it doesn’t allow you to make hundreds of machines.”

Still, they aren’t going to get stocked in the game in a meaningless way. Hurst suggested:

“It’s important that the world makes sense and the machines have their own roles.”

All in all, the fans are eyeing for the Horizon Zero Dawn 2 release date to come out soon. The writer confirmed a fan theory before so let’s hope the developers respond in a similar manner.

The Horizon Zero Dawn 2 release date does not seem anywhere near. But the most recent announcement about the game has in fact been the board game coming out. Fans wish to see several features in the sequel as well.

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