Oct 4, 2018
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Naked Fighter 3D is Exactly What You Think It Is

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There are a lot of fighting games available but no one does it like Naked Fighter 3D. As the name suggests, it’s a fighting game without a single piece of clothing and for adults only.

Now if you are someone who likes playing games like Dead Or Alive due to the detailed in-game character then you will love this.

Naked Fighter 3D aims to provide the best of the worlds. We mean the best fighting action and insane customisations.

According to the director, Naked Fighter 3D will allow you to do insane customisations. Make muscles for your idea girl and more.

This game also offers fighting animations, breasts, seeds. The game also includes moves like a kick to the groin area and sitting in front to raise sensual stimulation.

The game is still in development and we still can’t say anything about the gameplay as it’s not available to try as of now.

Other than that, if you liked this idea of Naked Fighter 3D then you should support the developer behind this game who’s a freelance artist.

Now if you have a question about why you should support him. Sam has a left a note on his site which says:

I’m happy that modern technology allow one person to make an indie game project, but it still need money to be spent. I’m using free tools wherever it’s possible, but some things I need to buy. First of all it’s Unity assets for shading, animation packs, sound management tools and so on. And don’t forget the licensing: many things are free to develop, but you need a proper license to actually use it. I already own some assets that allow me to developing but I need much more and it’s quite expensive for only one person.

In other news, Team Ninja has promised once again that they will reduce the sexual in their game by providing proper attires to female characters in Dead or Alive 6. Now we hope that Team Ninja takes this issue more seriously and reduces sexual theme in the future games.

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