Oct 5, 2018
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New Playstation Now Games Include Elder Scrolls Online, Sniper Elite

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A number of new Playstation Now games have come to the service and 7 day free trials for the service hav been reset, allowing some players the opportunity to look at the new games and try them out for free for a week without paying the Playstation Now monthly fee.

Playstation Now is a video game streaming service that allows Playstation 4 owners to be able to play some of the best Playstation games available, whether they’re on the Playstation 4 and you just want to rent them, or you want to experience some nostalgia and play games from previous Playstation consoles.

While all of the new Playstation Now games are already available on the Playstation 4, they still have a wide variety of genres that you might enjoy depending on when you play them. These games include The Elder Scrolls Online, Sniper Elite 4, Bound, Bridge Constructor, Carmageddon: Max Damage, Ducati: 90th Anniversary, 100 Foot Robot Golf, Asdivine Hearts, Styx: Shards of Darkness, and and Torment: Tides of Numenera.

These games will be joining things like the original God of War series, the Killzone games, Red Dead Redemption, Evolve, Tropico 5, Helldivers, Broken Age, and dozens of others, giving you plenty of different options to play if you don’t end up liking the new games that have come in.

While it has the same general idea as the Xbox backwards compatibility service, Playstation Now not only requires a subscription fee to use it, but also streams the game to you, rather than allowing you to own the games. Therefore, you’re limited to your own internet connection and anything that might turn it bad, or at least you were before select games were made available for offline play.

Whereas with the backwards compatibility on the Xbox One, you can either buy the game and own it forever, or make use of an older copy of the game to download it for free.

If you want to get in on these new Playstation Now games for yourself, you can start your own 7-day free trial on the service on your PS4 by downloading the app.

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