Oct 9, 2018
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Relive The Charred Council Legacy In The New Darksiders 3 Trailer

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THQ Nordic has brought the lore of the series back to life with the all-new Darksiders 3 trailer. The Charred Council has got itself a special trailer which signifies its importance. The full game is going to release late in the next month.

Fans of the Darksiders games would already know what the Charred Council is all about. The Council was responsible for wanting War to switch the odds to humanity’s side in the first title. Then they also had a disagreement with Death in the second installment.

But the Charred Council looks to ready to play a bigger than ever role in the franchise. The Darksiders 3 trailer portrays the true essence of the council for the latest chapter. Its basic purpose is to maintain the balance between the three kingdoms.

These three kingdoms comprise Heaven, Hell, and Man. When the End War approaches which is likely coming things won’t end well. The reason behind it is that the breach of the seven seals can set the fate loose which makes anything possible.

The opening sequence shows that some cinematic scenes with narration in the background. In it we get to know how these kingdoms have been striving to coexist for all this time.

The seven seals play the role of binding this act of peace together.
But the break in the seven seals is the sign of the End War’s beginning. The End War would indeed set the course of fate altogether.

The Force Hollow power was also shown in another Darksiders 3 trailer. All in all, it is interesting to see the new developers picking up the pieces from the original storyline. The game length of Darksiders 3 was also discussed in another instance.

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