Nov 12, 2018
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Sea of Thieves Is Getting a New PvP Arena Mode in 2019

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We’ve been getting an onslaught of news from Microsoft’s trade show, X018 this weekend and we’re hyped. Along with a slew of trailers and announcements, X018 gave us a look at Sea of Thieves’ upcoming PvP mode, Arena. The short trailer didn’t give us a ton of info, but was enough to get us excited for the new multiplayer mode.

Rare has been great about continuing to support Sea of Thieves, and this is the logical next step. Arena will have teams of pirates competing against each other for treasure and glory.

The intense new game mode will include ship battles, along with standard combat on land, all while your crew battles for the most treasure.

For those who have been seeking more content in Sea of Thieves, this should be perfect, especially for players wanting a more aggressive style of play.

Current Sea of Thieves players can enjoy the Forsaken Shores content, featuring exploding volcanoes and deadly geysers in a new area, The Devil’s Roar.

The new PvP mode, Arena, launches in early 2019 for Sea of Thieves. Remember, Sea of Thieves is available to all Game Pass members at no extra charge. It’s the perfect way to get your hands on all Microsoft first-party titles.

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