Nov 23, 2018
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Devil May Cry 5 New Live Stream is Coming To Quench the Dante Thirst

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Capcom has revealed that another Devil May Cry 5 live stream will take place on November 26 and it’ll focus on Dante.

Capcom announced this through its Twitter account, mentioning that the stream will go live on Monday. It’ll start on November 26 at 10:10 AM GMT (2:10 AM PST and 5:10 AM EST). This Devil May Cry 5 Dante live stream will be hosted by Hideaki Itsuno along with the producer Matt Walker and the community manager Matthew Edwards.

According to the Tweet, Devil May Cry 5 live stream will show us a demo of the game’s playable protagonist, Dante. Dante of Devil May Cry 5 will be the main focus of this live stream demo. It’s going to include some taunts, Royal Guard style and some karaoke.

It’s obvious that the upcoming Devil May Cry 5 live stream will also show some of the weapons so it’s a not miss. Now if you want to watch it, go to Capcom UK’s Twitch channel here. If you don’t get to watch it live then don’t worry as we will be revealing everything worth exciting here on our site.

Other than Dante, you should check out the latest gameplay trailer to witness some of Nero’s Devil Breakers from the game.

Devil Breaker in Devil May Cry 5 is a set of unique and interesting weapons. This Devil May Cry gameplay trailer shows us Nero in action performing with new weapons in the game. These Devil Break weapons provide Nero with a set of different tools and abilities to slay the demon in combat.

There’s also one in the game inspired by Mega Man and it’s called Mega Buster.

Weapons aside, Devil May Cry 5 gameplay runs very smooth and the graphics are stunning. Some lucky fans recently got the chance to play the demo and they were more than happy. Those who played DMC 5 demo say that the game was smooth, badass and sexy.

In other news, DMC is already available for pre-load on Xbox One, unlike PS4. We have seen in the past that games become available for pre-load a lot early on Xbox One.

This pre-load of the game reveals that it weighs around 27 GB and it includes every downloadable content inside.

Capcom has also unveiled a brand new mode called Void. This mode will be a part of the game and it’s a training mode. This Void mode will allow you to test out your skills or if you want to try Devil Breaker before starting the story.

Now after Dante’s live stream, we hope that the next stream will most likely reveal more details about the all-new character “V”. Capcom has promised that soon they will talk about him so we are waiting.

DMC5 will release on March 8, 2019, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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