Nov 30, 2018
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Pokemon Go PVP Finally Coming, Let Trainer Battles Begin

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One of the major draws of Pokemon is the ability to pit your team against someone else’s. However, Pokemon Go, up until now, has only allowed trainer battles for PVP. Now, Niantic is starting to tease Pokemon Go PVP fights, allowing actual trainer battles to take place between Pokemon trainers.

When it originally launched, Pokemon Go only had one method of PVP, in the form of gyms that were located in various spots around the map. There you couldn’t command your Pokemon personally; you had to leave the computer to let them fight for you. But now you can take the fight to other players outside of gyms as well, having full six-on-six Pokemon battles with anyone you come across.

The Pokemon Go PVP mechanic is only the latest to come to Pokemon Go after it first released back in 2016. Since then, despite a meteoric rise and just-as-rapid fall in popularity, the game adding in Pokemon from multiple new generations, multi-team raids for certain areas, and other fixes to previously controversial mechanics has caused it to regain much of its popularity.

Considering how long the game has been going on for at this point, this opens up a lot of possibilities for epic battles between trainers and their best teams, if they’ve been keeping up with the game and continuing to train their Pokemon from time to time.

While the Pokemon Go battle system isn’t anything notable, Pokemon Go PVP does give players another reason to raise Pokemon than just collecting and taking gyms, and allows you to play more with your friends than just catching Pokemon, doing raids, and going around taking gyms.

So far Niantic hasn’t talked about a release date for Pokemon Go PVP, but hopefully not only will it be soon, but will also work properly when it first launches.

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