Nov 27, 2018
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Dota 2 Status Resistance Issues after patch 7.20 – FGR

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As in every big patch Valve deployed, the 7.20 patch not only brings extravaganza but also brings lots of problems. Despite some of the fixes deployed between today and the date of release, Valve still falls short and some of the Dota 2 mechanics remain broken.

A perfect example of how unworthy the status resistance mechanic is has been proven within a video, thanks to a Reddit user, CerealKiller2B. After trying to replicate and tinker further on our own, it appears that the Status Resistance is quite unstable and it works randomly.

However, when using Ursa’s Enrage and trying to stun, and then while the duration of the enrage is still ongoing, you cannot stun another player, which somewhat makes it unclear how exactly the status resistance works.

Status Resistance should be working as intended, and if a player is “about” to receive multiple consecutive stuns, the duration of each one of them should be reduced for a set period. For example, by a second. That is one of the purposes of the Status Resistance, so the game would become a bit different and will require an additional communication and sync before initiate.


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