Dec 31, 2018
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Celeste Developer’s Skytorn Canceled – Siliconera

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By Jenni . December 31, 2018 . 11:00am

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Noel Berry, one of the people who helped bring Matt Makes Games’ Celeste to life, has revealed the Metroidvania Skytorn has been canceled. This would have been a procedurally-generated game about an explorer named Névoa exploring floating islands and was supposed to appear on the PlayStation 4 and PC.


In a post on Medium going over the Skytorn cancelation, Berry offered an explanation as to why development ended. A large part is because the team couldn’t pin down what the game was and the direction that should be followed. This meant that if it was finished, things like the characters, music, and story could be kept, but the gameplay would have to be completely redesigned. A few parts of the game remained the same as development…

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