Dec 13, 2018
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Holiday Overwatch Map Pulled After Players Got Stuck Inside, Really Blizzard?

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This week has been bad for Overwatch players as most of the time players couldn’t play their favorite game. The most recent trouble occurred during the new holiday event in Overwatch. Blizzard had to pull one of the maps from the holiday event after players got stuck inside.

Overwatch’s Blizzard world map recently got a makeover of holiday cheer. It all seemed very exciting until players found themselves stuck inside the spawn rooms. The game resulted in the players getting locked inside the Hearthstone tavern which is the place where they spawn. The spawn rooms in Overwatch are usually open in between matches for use but it wasn’t the case yesterday. Basically, the players were not able to play the game at all.

A Reddit user also shared a video. In the video, you can see the helpless players trying to get out as others were free to play around in the game. In the end, the team of players got kicked out from the server due to inactivity. That’s somehow funny and stupid. Now that’s not all as some other players reported some endless loading times and more issues with the Blizzard World Map.

To counter it, Blizzard removed the world map by saying:

We’ve identified an issue with Blizzard World preventing players from leaving spawn areas at the start of the match and completing the match.

Due to the impact of this issue, we have temporarily disabled Blizzard World in all regions on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One while we troubleshoot. We don’t have an ETA to share right now for when Blizzard World will again be playable, but this is currently our top priority and we will be sure to provide updates in this thread and on Twitter via @BlizzardCS 37 as they become available.

Thank you to all our players for being patient during this time.

Blizzard then also mentioned that modes such as No Limits and Mystery Heroes will be also disabled while they address the issues.

Overwatch also went down yesterday to bring Overwatch Winter Wonderland update. Apparently, more than 20,000 players were unable to play the game.

Well luckily, Overwatch winter Wonderland update is now live. OverwatchWinter Wonderland update brings a variety of holiday-themed content, decorations, and wintery Brawls. This Overwatch winter Wonderland update also does bring a set of new skins for your in-game characters. These newly arrived skins can be bought or earned from the limited-time loot boxes in the game. You will receive this loot box for free when you log in.

More legendary skins have arrived which totally change the look of your in-game characters. These include Figure Skater Symmetra, Snowboarder Zarya, Snow Fox Lucio, Sugar Plum Fairy Mercy, Krampus Junkrat and Biathlong Widowmaker.

There also 3 new Epic Skins available which are Gift Wrap Bastion, Winter Ashe and Festive Reinhardt. Previous Winter Wonderland cosmetics are also available but at a discounted price. So start playing today as the Winter Wonderland 2018 event ends on Jan. 2, 2019.

Overwatch is now available to play on Xbox One, PC and PS4.

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