Dec 12, 2018
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Patch Coming Within the Next Week

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be receiving a patch in within the next week, according to an in-game message that players saw as they started up the game.

While we don’t know what the patch will be fixing in the game, it is important to note that the update will make your replays unwatchable unless you convert them to video. Here is the full wording of the message:

“Version 1.2.0 will be distributed within the next week. Once you update the software, you won’t be able to watch replays made with previous versions. If you have any replays you want to keep, go to Vault -> Replays -> Replay Data -> Convert to Video. The patch notes will be released when the update goes live.”

We will have to wait to see what the patch will fix, but online seems to be the most problematic mode. Since the game’s launch, lag issues and poor matchmaking that often doesn’t give players the types of matches they want have been some of fan’s top complaints.

While it could be too early to see major changes to online, Nintendo could begin to address some smaller issues, with a potential larger overhaul coming later.

Online problems aside, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate seems to be performing quite well. Just a few days after release, the game was already declared the fastest selling Nintendo Switch game in the U.K. and has already sold over 1.2 million copies in Japan.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is also receiving great critical praise. To read our thoughts on the game, check out our review.

The 1.2.0 update will arrive sometime within the next week, and patch notes will be available when it comes. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available on the Nintendo Switch and can be purchased online on the Nintendo eShop.

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