Jan 2, 2019
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Pokemon Go Lunar New Year Event February 2019

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Trainers, Chinese New Year is right around the corner and this year 2019 would be the Year of the Pig and we expect to see a new Lunar New Year 2019 event in Pokemon Go on February 5 featuring pig-like Pokemon, their shiny forms and new bonuses.

If you pay a closer attention at the new loading screen in Pokemon Go you would see 3 pig-based Pokemon, Swinub, Spoink and Grumpig, and this could be a tease from Niantic for a new event, this time the Lunar New Year. This would also be a perfect time for them to release a new wave of Gen 4 Pokemon and celebrate the Chinese New Year 2019 at the same time.

Pretty much everyone expected to see Mamoswine during the last Pokemon Go Holiday Event as this is Ice/Ground Type Gen 4 Pokemon, but it definitely looks like…

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