Jan 9, 2019
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Resident Evil 2 Demo is Arriving later this Week

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Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 will very shortly be getting a “1-Shot” demo later this week. This demo will be PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Everyone is happy!

This demo will give players one chance and 30 minutes to try out the remake of the 1998 horror game. That is right, one chance. I think Eminem said it best when he said ‘You only got one chance to see how far you can get in the remake of Resident Evil 2’.

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Credit: Capcom

You will get your one chance on January 11th all the way to 31st of January to try out the game on your platform of choice. Plenty of time to have a good go at the game and see how far you can get.

The demo allows you to play 30 minutes controlling everyones favourite rookie cop Leon Kennedy as he tries to deal with the horrors…

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