Jan 25, 2019
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The Anthem VIP Demo begins in less than one hour

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For those asking themselves when the actual VIP DEMO begins, it is queued to start very soon. The start time however for all the time zones is synchronized, so everyone will get a fair share without any head start. If that is to be a sensitive part of the game, there you go, it’s been dealt with.

Anthem’s VIP Demo Start Time

Anthem’s VIP Demo start time is literally 1 hour away from now. That would be 9:00 AM PST, which is the exact begin time in all zones.

How to get into it?

Sadly, only those who pre-ordered the game can dwell into the fun, but also give away 3 VIP Demo invitation keys to others. We already gave ours, but there are multiple channels giving away the same.

What to expect

We are about to start a bit deeper than just from the…

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