Feb 14, 2019
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How to Get Valentine’s Day Items – Game Rant

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The newly released battle royale game Apex Legends got its first piece of holiday-themed content last week in the form of three Valentine’s Day items. Those items are a badge, weapon skin, and banner frame. One of these Valentine’s Day items can be earned in-game while the other two are solely available through the Apex Legends Store using Apex Coins, which are obtainable only by paying real money.

‘Live Die Live’ badge

apex legends valentines day badge

This badge is a little bit of a hidden badge as it does not appear in players’ menu until it has been earned; however, getting ahold of the Live Die Live badge is pretty simple. Players just have to revive or respawn a player during a match. That badge is found in the “Badge 3” tab and can be equipped…

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