Feb 1, 2019
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PlayStation 4 Lifetime Sales Officially Cross 94.2 Million

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PlayStation 4 continues to dominate as its total lifetime sales crossed 94.2 million consoles until December 31, 2018. Sony revealed these stunning numbers through its latest financial report.

Furthermore, 8.1 million PlayStation 4 systems were sold during the third quarter and it’s 0.9 million less than the previous fiscal year. A total of 18 million PS4 systems were sold in 2018, beating the sales of Nintendo Switch which sold 17 million units in the same period.

As for sales forecast, Sony hasn’t changed anything. Unlike Nintendo who has now revised its Switch forecast sales from 20 million to now a more realistic 17 million. Sony Corporation remains confident of shipping a total of 17.5 million PS4 units in the current fiscal year which…

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