Mar 21, 2019
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Firestorm Does Differently to Other Battle Royale Games

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You Don’t Play the Whole Map


Unlike other battle royale games, in Firestorm, you don’t play the entirety of the game’s map. Instead, the circle is there from the very start, limiting players to an area roughly 2,500 meters in diameter (we have a full breakdown of the Firestorm map size here).

The actual location of the circle is randomized every match, of course, with the idea being that it makes every match feel unique. So not only are you forced to different locations by the flight of the aircraft, you’re also having to quickly think of alternative areas to loot and explore based on where the circle is.

It’s a pretty clever feature that definitely does keep each match feeling fresh, in our experience.

As a result of the circle’s persistence from the start and the fact that…

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