Mar 27, 2019
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Pokemon GO Shiny Bagon Family Models Revealed – Game Rant

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Pokemon GO developer Niantic is not one to rest on its laurels. Although the Treecko Community Day and Spring Equinox have ended, the developer is announcing future plans. This includes the forthcoming Lotad Research Day, and now we know what to expect for the April Pokemon GO Community Day event.

On April 13, Pokemon GO players will be able to add the Dragon-type Pokemon Bagon and its evolutions, Shelgon and Salamence, to their rosters. This event is also expected to feature shiny versions of these Pokemon, though Niantic has not confirmed this. However, it would be a serious break from tradition for the developer to not include these shiny variants.

As seen below, the shiny Bagon’s family models are green compared to their standard colors. Bagon and Salamence’s blue takes…

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