Mar 9, 2019
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How Multiplayer Works in the Game – Game Rant

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Prior to release, there was speculation that Devil May Cry 5 would have multiplayer and co-op features after they were listed on the game’s Steam page. However, Capcom barely touched on Devil May Cry 5‘s multiplayer and co-op features in the months leading up to release, and now that the game is actually out, we can see why.

The multiplayer and co-op features in Devil May Cry 5 are very barebones. Players can’t jump into games with friends or fight alongside a partner for an entire level. On the contrary, they will sometimes be paired with a random person online, who can sometimes be spotted in a level, and rarely be around to fight alongside the player in battle.

There is really no point to the multiplayer and co-op in Devil May Cry 5, and it would be a stretch to…

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