Mar 22, 2019
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How to Beat All Challenges – Game Rant

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A new week in Fortnite means yet another set of challenges to complete on the road to unlocking the tier 100 Luxe skin. It’s worth mentioning that finishing these challenges doesn’t just help unlock the Luxe cosmetic, but it adds up to the secret Discovery skin as well as the hidden banner reward as a result. Once players beat the season 8 week 4 challenges, be sure to find the hidden banner for Fortnite week 4.

Per usual, there are three free Fortnite challenges for players to complete and four Battle Pass challenges to do, all of which will help players hit tier 100 on the Battle Pass. Because the overtime reward of season 7 was the actual season 8 Battle Pass, it’s likely many will need help completing all seven challenges, so here’s how to beat the Fortnite season 8…

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