Mar 30, 2019
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TSM Daequan hits out at Fortnite for ‘protecting noobs’

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The issue of developers being too ‘noob-friendly’ has been a hot topic of debate within the Fortnite community for months.

With the Fortnite skill-gap widening on what seems like a daily basis, some community members believe that Epic Games has been too ‘friendly’ to the casual playerbase.

Various items, weapons, and vehicles have been introduced to Fortnite throughout its lifespan which have been deemed too ‘noob friendly,’ and sent a portion of the community into a frenzy.

Although some may argue that Epic needs to do everything they can to keep casual players – one of the largest portions of the Fortnite player population – happy, others believe that this practice can be detrimental to the title’s health.

TSM Daequan took to Twitter to hit out at certain developers…

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