Mar 18, 2019
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Where to Find the Alligator – Game Rant

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Developer Massive Entertainment and publisher Ubisoft have now released the looter shooter sequel, The Division 2. While players are still checking out everything Washington D.C. has to offer, such as a certain hidden side mission, there also appears to be an alligator Easter egg that many may want to check out.

For context, this alligator can be seen in the sewers of Washington D.C. This Easter egg alludes to old urban myths of residents finding an alligator in their city’s sewer system, with these stories usually concentrated in New York City, the location of the first Division. Of course, with the creature showing up in The Division 2‘s Washington D.C., it seems as if the myth persists within other areas of the series’ in-game universe.

To find this alligator, Division…

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