Mar 17, 2019
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Where to Get Printer Filament for Crafting – Game Rant

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Printer Filament is a rare material in The Division 2 that is used in crafting to create mods for gear and skills. Not only is it a purple tier item but it is also rare in where it is found, coming from one specific place in the game. But before players begin searching for Printer Filament, the first step is to reach Level 10 in The Division 2 and unlock Skill Mods.

Unfortunately, Printer Filament does not appear out in the open world in chests nor from completing missions or activities. However, that does not mean that players should not be looting as much as possible out in the open world, because that is exactly what they should be doing in the search of Printer Filament. That’s because this important item comes from Armor Mods and Skill Mods, or more specifically, from…

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