Apr 12, 2019
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Borderlands 3 UI Leak Shows 3D Minimap

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Gearbox continues to leak Borderlands 3 details day to day as its marketing campaign for the upcoming looter shooter persists. The latest leak comes from a Borderlands 3 video advertisement playing on YouTube, which reportedly provides a first look at the game’s User Interface. The advertisement, which seems to have disappeared off the internet, shows off Borderlands 3‘s latest feature update in its impressive new 3D minimap.

As noted by Borderlands enthusiast and Youtuber SupMatto, the Borderlands 3 advertisement is unfortunately impossible to find for the moment. To describe what was shown, the video features just a brief gameplay scene in which the game’s UI is fully visible. Other advertisement and trailer for Borderlands 3 have all otherwise had the UI stripped from…

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