Apr 12, 2019
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Fortnite Nerfs The Baller’s Health

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About a month ago, the video game developer Epic Games decided to provide Fortnite Battle Royale players with a new way to get around the game’s map in Season 8 by introducing the spherical vehicle known as The Baller. Now, it looks as if the studio has been tinkering with the round vehicle’s attributes, and has concluded that The Baller’s overall health needs to be nerfed in the game.

According to an announcement recently made by Fortnite developer Epic Games, the studio deployed a hot-fix not too long ago that wound up reducing the health of The Baller from 300 to 200. What’s more is that the company commented on the fact that it had once mentioned in Update 8.20’s patch notes that it would possibly add the ability to shoot through the glass of Ballers in a future…

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