Apr 25, 2019
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Fortnite Week 9 and Week 10 Loading Screens Leaked

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Fortnite’s upcoming week 9 and week 10 loading screens have been leaked. Usually, the loading screens hide the secret Battle Star/Banner locations. Therefore, all the Fortnite fans may receive a slight advantage over the coming weeks leading to an easier discovery.

Without further ado, you can take a look at the loading screens of Week 9 and Week 10 of Season 8. According to @Lucas7yoshi, a famous Fortnite dataminer, this is their exact order:

Week 9:

Week 10 Loading Screen, covering Loot Lake. This probably means that the event won’t actually occur until the beginning of Week 10, as it is still healthy on the image below:

From here, we can work on the secret Battle Star / Banner location discovery. That’s our next aim, so we can provide you with a simple…

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