Apr 29, 2019
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Where to Find 12 Anarchist Cairns

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Sony Bend’s new game Days Gone has a number of tasks for players to complete while exploring its open world. From story missions to ambush camps to collectibles, Days Gone offers players a plethora of things to do.

However, where the Days Gone Trophies are concerned, there are only a few items that players will want to focus on, including Anarchist Cairns. In Days Gone, Anarchist Cairns are singular stacks of rocks that protagonist Deacon St. John must knock over.

In total, there are over 50 Anarchist Cairns for players to knock over in Days Gone, but the Go Kick Rocks Trophy only requires that players knock down 12 Anarchist Cairns. If players are lucky, they should encounter a few Anarchist Cairns on their way through Days Gone’s 30-hour story campaign and while exploring…

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